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❤ Born and bred in Malaysia.
❤ UCSI University KL, Bachelor of Accounting.
❤ Relationship status: ✔ by Mr. YapJinWei since 21st of November in 2013.
❤ I don't speak English, I speak Manglish. I had a dream, I have dreams. I love music, I love to sing. Nothing can change my love toward JJLin. :)

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Sukses 2015
2015年10月30日星期五 @ 上午9:09 1von teo leave a comment ( 0 )

Before I start this post, you are suggested to read my blog by using laptop or computer but not smartphone or tablet, I bet you must be falling for my background songs!
Enjoy reading. :)

It's Sukses 2015, 18/10-20/10 at Shah Alam Seksyen 19, where it has been 3 years since the last time I played this game with my 95 batch and seniors, in 2012 at Kuala Selangor. 
And I blogged about it, click it - Sukses 2012 for review! :)

Bronze medal, our placing as usual lol. We're always Ms. three with the 95's. 
Yes, I motherfucker is blogging now, cause i want those great memories of my life to be kept here, a platform where I used to share my bittersweet everyday.

How time flies, guess I should show our n years ago noob face here for comparison. 
Day 1, after wining the first match, supporting boys team with da ladies.
Second match vs Klang and we did the best game ever in life! At the beginning of first match lol.
We were leading 20-12 wehhh but then mistakes all fu*k came then 25-27 lost liao damn sien :(

Do not say I'm suaba ok, yes this is my very F*king first time taking official photo in front of the net, with all the important ones in my volleyball life.

Thank you trainer Han Long! MSSS 2013 you were our trainer, and now you are our trainer again! Although I was dualan-ed you during the training but I know that cause you want us to be better on purpose.

We could be serious yet also fun! You girls are the only ONE that allow me to forget every bad moments and enjoy everything that I really kennot wtf. Starting to miss those days while I'm here blogging :/

Hi hao ge, my cutie pie junior that never failed to make me laugh like a sohai whenever I see him. ;)

Yay it's day 2! Take a nap before semi finals, using selfie stick :3
ermm Han Long说我的脸尖到可以插死人了 lol

LOL very funny the semi final, the worst game we've ever played in life lol.
Both sets also UNDER TEN !!!! kthxbye

K let's jump into Day 3, Final day. 
Idk what to say la but we played 3 sets while fighting for bronze medal I speechless lo.
Second set everyone did mistakes then 20 marks were given to the opponent. 
Sorry that day I felt not good cause I've been 3 days did not bangsai already LOLOLOL.

Not to forget this great one 
Should I clarify for the 'rumours'? just because of those sons of the bitch? lol
Ikr people love to judge the book by its cover, even me myself.
You know my name, not my stories. So keep your mouth shut, stop judging me behind and go ahead to achieve whatever of your dreams and shits as those are more worthy than me for you to put effort on. 🔥

Don't jealous oh 😉
While we were on the way sending YY to Subang airport!

it's childish ikr but to do this in airport is a MUST ok! 

Group photo! Those who coming for sending off YY :)
So when only can I gather again with this bunch of people?

One last group photo before YY get in to departure hall.
Sherry was featuring ice cream while Rocky was featuring sweets lol

so this is what I call it the beautiful memory.

Great things must come to end.
This is not a post that full of words but I'm sure that photos could say more than words.
Soon I'll blog about my Nilai University life IF I have the mode although Idk what I can blog about but just I feel that I've been spending 1 year over there and I did met some awesome people. Why don't I just keep those awesome memories too in my little platform?
'Pen' off, good night. :)

Happy 19th Birthday.
2015年4月17日星期五 @ 上午11:25 1von teo leave a comment ( 0 )
It's been too long since my last update but idgaf. And guess what? It's 17th of April today! :P
Blogging and enjoying my fav' cold weather, hot chocolate and sausage roll together with the love one at Genting now :D

It was a suddenly decision. 2D1N trip to Genting as I always wanted to come here and there finally a chance for Mr. Yap to bring me here. I knew he wouldn't give me any birthday surprise or present as he is a senseless lover. Some more he already bought me something that I wanted for soooooooo longggggg and so badly which gonna costed people an arm and a leg but yeah he didn't care at all. He will fulfil me everything as long as I allow him to go for basketball training HAHAHA.

So what's the present?
Taaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaa !!

MacBook Air 13-inch with 1.6GHz dual-core intel core i5 processor !
A laptop that I wished to get so badly ehehehehe.
We purchased it at Machines, that day when we went to celebrate mummy's birthday in advance at ioi City Mall, at the last 2 days before GST lol.

My queen's birthday is exactly at the day of April fool. Second bro purposely came back from Penang  to celebrate with mum and finally my family was reunion! :D

Kay lets come back to now.
We started our journey at noon yesterday after I came back from Uni. Shit things happened and ruined my mood that day but I overcame it although it was quite fish skin LOL. Okay just forget about it.
As usual, photos describe everything. :)

When we were on the way to Genting! :)

Oh hi fake candid but i don't care. Jumpsuit from my all time fav' brand- cotton on
Cardigan from my own online shop 
Thumb's up for the weather! It was 24°C at the noon and 20°C when the night falls! I'm typical 汗宝宝 and that's why I always love to go to low temperature places.

Dessert time! Told him that I wanted to eat this and asked him to take picture for me (and I always do that) although he hate it lol. 
Photos all taken by iPhone 6, with the original effects in i6's camera. :)

Hello! Holiday so what, still have to finish my last report before final exam!
Denggggg. I knew I'll be very free at Genting so I brought my laptop to there.
Wonderful weather gave me more ideas on doing assignment.
Don't doubt! I finished that stupid report before I went to sleep! :P
Nothing much to do in Genting, we just hunted for food, then loitered around at indoor, so goddamn boring but I enjoyed every single moment when I had chance to be with him. :)

Forced him to take picture with me as what I always did :P

 Having lunch tea at Starbucks before going home and there the place where I decided to blog :P
Thank you, my man! :))

Went to visit the Strawberry Farm as well as Lavender Garden.

Could you believe that this photo was shotted by an iPhone 6? :D

Baby who the photographer :D Lavender was too beautiful !!

 My most favourite shot. :) Can you spot the Genting Highlands in between? :D 

Baby boy wasn't posting, I asked him not to move then I captured it immediately!
The most handsome man beside my daddy. :P

Never disappointed a women, never made a women mad while she was in a great mood. There will be the response from her no matter where you were. :P
*I look kinda cool in it lolol


 After he made me angry, he wanted to make me smile, hence he volunteered to be photographer and selfie with me and I SWEAR I never forced him!! ahahaha.


I'm here 'proudly' to announce that I'm officially nineteen yayyyy! :D * but I'm still young lol
Thank you everyone for all the wishes from Facebook, wechat, twitter, instagram and text messages!
And thanks Jeng and Wade celebrated this special day with me at BBQ PLAZA today after I came back from Genting! Thanks Grace, ChaiNee and Jessica, my classmates, for the birthday presents! :)

From sincere, I appreciate everything and I'm very satisfy for what I'm having right now - people around me and things happening on me (except for the studies lol). 
I may not the luckiest on earth but I felt I am the luckiest and the happiest one. :)
The only sad thing is not receiving any wishes from that one person who I always wanted to be friend back even though it is impossible. Hmmmmm :/

Okay it's time to bed! 2D1N passed too fast and I have to go back to reality. Final exam from next week on till the end of April! fmlfmlfml :'(

Good night world! sweet dreams! :)

2014年8月4日星期一 @ 上午9:57 1von teo leave a comment ( 0 )
说我瘦了都不会那么开心耶 整个人根本就很有成就感好吗 证明我平常的保养不是白费的哈哈!!
之前表姐帮我从泰国带回来很火红的蜗牛霜很勤力在擦(当然有时候会偷懒),买来是想要祛斑可是用了快一个月都不见黑斑淡化反而使整个脸变白了点(虽然我本来就很白哇哈哈哈哈哈哈!不要脸)开个玩笑why so seriousss. 

我把蛇毒喷雾剂和蜗牛霜两个配合使用,希望可以更快看到效果虽然我也不怎么清楚那个喷雾剂的用处是啥 哈哈哈哈。
其实当初看到很多网络红人为他打广告的时候就有点心痒痒要买了,可是本地卖超贵要RM150一罐,买两个就用去了我半个月学费,超不舍得好吗T.T 而且也有点不相信毕竟人家都是给钱打广告当然有多好就说的多好啦。后来表妹很舍得买了一罐蜗牛霜来用,一段时间后明显祛痘而且淡化痘疤,最后还被杂志推荐为最值得用的护肤产品之一,所以当我知道表姐要去泰国时就立马拖表姐帮我买了。

等了好久终于给我盼回来了!拿到手的时候整个人就很兴奋到处刷墙(请原谅我的无知 *点手指*



西马邮费RM7 东马邮费RM10
买二个以上免邮 买越多折扣越多,建议团购哟!:)

要下单的可以Wechat: bluefaithstreet
迟点会在网店的instagram开放预购,不认识我的不放心我不会怪你,可以等我到泰国确认我的人在泰国后才汇款给我 ;)



虽然最后还是无法进入第一志愿大学。但无所谓了,犹豫了很久最终还是选择与中学生涯学到完全不同的科目,一来知道自己是个不爱读书的人,选择越简单越好,二来是毕业后的就职机会较高。三来是可以坐在冷气房工作耶好开熏好开熏 XD

嗯,明天和学姐们到cyberjaya来场排球友谊赛,很期待。因为好久好久没打球了。距离上一场比赛是.... 8个月前的事了吧哈哈。不要做出下衰的事就好了呗。(比如说杀球杀在自己的地下xD)

我讲完了,晚安! :)

2014年7月31日星期四 @ 下午7:39 1von teo leave a comment ( 0 )

好久好久了,终于舍得回来更新这臭得快发霉的部落格。距离上一次更新(不包括淘宝代购Q&A :P )已有五个月久。从来没冷落部落格那么久, 而且那标题对目前的我来说很讽刺,很讽刺.. 

问我还有真心的朋友吗?网络疯传的一句话,朋友,真心的有一个就已足够。那就是我的bf a.k.a bf.
Best friend a.k.a boyfriend. 

最近心情根本糟到一个极点。因为Hari Raya 两人难得休息,可以一起聊通宵,一起睡到自然醒。但那两天却是有他在身边以来第一次半夜被噩梦吓醒。之后又遇到一些问题整个人变得很敏感,人家不过在开个玩笑却总会不自觉对号入座。昨天也失眠到大半夜忍不住把熟睡中的他吵醒然后乱发脾气就整个疯婆子,他几乎崩溃的问我最近怎么这样是不是有忧郁症?当下我笑屎了!哈哈

我操你马逼 凸 ==

都不知道他是不是睡到懵懵懂懂说傻话 不过还不错好听啦 哈哈

我很疑惑的问他 怎么一个全世界脾气最好的人竟然可以爱上一个全世界脾气最烂的人。
我还是和以前一样,爽不爽就翻阅他的信息他的私密东西,但他也没怎样因为他根本没有什么秘密的东西可以看。网络上那些什么要长久的恋爱就应该要给对方空间 我呸!你那么有空写这些废话 怎么不出版笑话精选集去娱乐社会。我从来不给我的另一半任何空间,只要你空闲的时间就是我的。就这样。

只想说,我真的很爱我这个bf aka bf.

好啦人家真的很少合照嘛 最多分手不是又给你们拿来当茶后饭后笑话咯!


淘宝代购 Q&A
2014年5月3日星期六 @ 上午1:46 1von teo leave a comment ( 0 )

1.客户一旦下单付款后, 本店一律不接受退款/退货等问题。
2.客户下单付款后, 本店将会在第一时间内联络卖家拍下物品。
3.若产品无货,本店将100% 退款给客户,绝不欺诈。
6.若货物在邮寄过程中遗失、损坏或卖家给少货、给错颜色或货物, 本店将不承担任何亏损。
8. 如果遇到缺货,要重新订购的话,日期也是重新算起。





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